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Online GAP Courses For  Use By  Learning Centres and NVQ Centres As A Stand Alone Or Introductory Access To Further Studies

Dear Training Provider,

As a former construction site manager and current  NVQ assessor,  I am fully aware that site managers and supervisors differ from consummate academic professionals to grass root construction generals who run construction out on site, who may have for many years taken a side step away from the office to avoid disclosing a learning difficulty and or are from a trade or non academic background. RivaSure has a track record of helping over 500 candidates with their applications for acheiving a management NVQ or CSCS Card.

In 2011 the CSCS opened the Profile Route for managers and supervisors to gain their CSCS Managers Card. The route was conceived to solve a specific industry problem with management NVQs and management training courses. The problem at that time was, existing routes for gaining a CSCS Managers card were taking too long! The CSCS Profiled route has now closed, however, we still have the same problem! I’d like to address this problem by introducing a new constructon management course that we believe goes someway to bridging that gap.

Some of the Problems to Overcome

  • Construction Managers and those wishing to become managers through promotion in the field are generally NOT academic learners and find it difficult to professionally progress.

  • Management training courses ARE generally costly in time and finance and take the manager off site.

  • Fatalities and ill health due to construction related incidents are still a fact. There IS a gap between that which is being taught and the desired results.

  • The gap between SMSTS courses IS too long. Practicing Managers need to have a refreshed vision to manage safely.

  • There IS a shortage of courses for construction management CPD.

  • Candidates who embark on Management NVQ’s ARE often failing to complete timely due to insufficient preparation.

Does the above list resonate with you?

It has been through the services we provide and have provided, that we have required a unique skill set which has enabled us here at RivaSure to efficiently service a diversity of candidates and requirements.  One thing is for sure, our candidates on the whole are construction professionals and not academics, managing and supervising sites through experience and knowledge gained from obligatory training and experience in the industry. Our services are designed to meet the needs of this target group.

It is also well worth noting at this point, that many if not all of our candidates, have greatly benefitted from using our services and by following our guidance and support have increased or substantiated their knowledge and have been able to locate themselves in academic questionnaires and to present their answers at the correct standard in respect to content and writing style.

Narrative Mentoring

Following on from our CSCS Profiling and NVQ Assessment history, we are pleased to have constructed a learning environment and  mentoring courses for construction managers and supervisors.  It is said that a picture paints a thousand words but we believe a story paints far more.  Narrative education is the art of using ‘Story’ as a teaching vessel.  In our courses we use ‘Story’ to unite the imagination and working histories of our candidates to the learning aims of the course.  The stories we use are presented in text and audio, exampling the working lives of practicing professionals as learning tools.

Listed below are just a few of the benefits of our new online courses, ‘Site Managers and Supervisors Safety Training GAP’

  • Develops  mature management and supervisory professionals from a loyal progressive workforce
  • Promotes better legislative know how
  • Creates an enthusiastic health and safety culture on site
  • More projects completing to program safely
  • Better opportunities to secure for repeat contracts
  • A safer and healthier workforce
  • Delivery of a more cost effective online training
  • More accessible online course compatibility with all mobile devices including smart phones
  • Flexi-learning via on-demand courses with no lost work time or travel expenses!

The specific learning aims of our courses are as follows

AIM 1: To enable those in supervisory and junior management positions to cross the divide into full management positions. Our courses present my experience and other managers’ experiences, practices and procedures as learning aids.

AIM 2:  To specifically guide and support construction management learners, assistant managers, supervisors and foremen to understand how to professionally manage to current H&S legislation practices and procedures, to confidently maintain a management position.

AIM 3:  To form and strengthen a practicing construction manger’s and supervisor’s resolve to manage & supervise H&S at the appropriate professional level, from a moral, cost and legislative perspective and to produce an excellent CPD resource and GAP filler between SMSTS & SSSTS courses.  Note that this course is also an ideal preparation for those candidates considering a management or supervisory NVQ

AIM 4.  To produce a mentoring program for assistant managers, site supervisors and site foremen.  Any junior manager or supervisor with 3 years experience can use the course as a stand alone mentoring program.  However, this cause is also aimed at  practicing managers to gain valuable Continuing Professional Development certification and a refreshed mission for managing safely.

To meet these AIMS, the course content specifically covers the following relevant topics:

  • The Management & Supervisory Roles and Responsibility of a Construction Site Manager & Supervisor
  • Good Management and Supervisory traits to be adopted and poor management and supervisory  traits to be avoided
  • H&S Statistics and Trends
  • Construction Law, Regulations and Consequences
  • Construction Health, Safety and Welfare Manager’s and Supervisor’s Practices and Procedures

Our GAP Courses will accomplish the following:

For practicing managers  & Supervisors they will provide CPD, encourage and support a manager and supervisor’s resolve to create an enthused H&S culture in the workplace and are excellent refreshers to the CITB SMSTS & SSSTS courses.

For supervisors and assistant managers moving into management our courses are an excellent mentoring tutorial aid, majoring on how to be an excellent manager and how to manage construction health and safety.

For construction managers and supervisors embarking on construction NVQs, our courses serve as excellent NVQ access preparation courses.

Our courses are delivered via our mentoring learning environment and includes:

  • Audio lectures plus written teaching and visual slides.
  • Audio case study tutorials with textual explanations and slides.
  • Multiple choice interactive online learning assessment quizzes after each section
  • Final interactive assessment with printed certificate.
What's your management style? ... find out by listening to a short Sample Lecture OR View the Course Contents HERE (from £12)

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Do you understand your site manager's role? ... find out by listening to a short Sample Lecture OR View the Course Contents HERE (from £12)

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Our Additional Online Guidance Series has proven to be a boost to candidates to more effectively fast-track them through the qualification. Each course matches a unit in the Edexcel NVQ Level 6 Diploma curriculum in Construction Management and are intended for guidance only.
(The complete series and more, is included free-of-charge to all our NVQ Level 6 Registered candidates)
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