The ‘Supervising Safely’ GAP Course

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The aim of this course is to help the learner traversing the knowledge gap between academic qualifications and on-site practice. At the end of the course you will an understanding of construction H&S law and  will be equiped to establish, implement and maintain systems for supervising health, safety and welfare on a construction site.

Course Instructor: William Simpson
William Simpson is a founding owner of Rivasure Skills Ltd. A co-developer of Rivasure GAP Courses and NVQ Mentoring Programmes. An experienced Construction Management & Trade NVQ Assessor and CIOB member … more

Before enrolling on the course you should ideally be working in construction at a senior trade, forman or assistant management related role either in building and civil engineering, highways maintenance and repair, residential development, conservation or demolition, however our course is open to all learners..

Many thanks for taking the time to consider our course.  In the design of this course we have addressed the issue of achieving a professional qualification without having to be an academic.  Our mentoring style is based on the concept of giving the correct information in a style that guides, supports and further equips construction supervisors and construction management learners.

If you are interested in the course and would like to have a chat with me please do contact me via the callback request form or call me directly (see our contacts page)

Looking forward to working with you.

Kind Regards, William

William Simpson, is a founding owner of Rivasure Skills Ltd. A co-developer of Rivasure GAP Courses and GAP Mentoring Program. An experienced Construction Management & Trade NVQ Assessor and CIOB member


PS: Below is a brief summary of the GAP Course

The 'Supervising Safely' GAP Course - In Brief

Wise learning from the life stories and experience of practicing construction managers

This course is designed as a stand-alone distance learning course.  The candidate will be required to answer the review assessment learning quiz at the end of each section and to complete the final course review assessment. They will be graded only on the final review assessment.  A certificate will be awarded when they achieve the required 80% pass grade.

This course requires preferably that candidates have as a minimum, a three year construction supervisor history, are able to work in sequential manner and are able to set aside a minimum of half an hour daily to maximise the benefits of the course.  The course duration is estimated at 14 guided learning hours.  It is essential that each candidate gives their studies the time and respect they deserve.

The most important aspect of the course is that all candidates recognize themselves in the course content and are then able to implement the course content into their working lives and working environments. By doing this, they will turn theory into practice and practice into procedure and procedure into profitable and safe projects and sustainable careers with promotion possibilities.

Do you understand your site manager's role? ... find out by listening to a short Sample Lecture OR View the Course Contents HERE (from £12)

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